A Secret Getaway in Gurgaon
Camping at the Secret Getaway.

A Secret Getaway in Gurgaon

Chilling on a hammock, listening to your favorite music, sipping in your favorite wine, doing nothing at all and most importantly accompanying like minded people. If that’s an ideal getaway for you, Congratulations, the destiny has landed you with a great place to be at.

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Located just 45 min. distance from Gurgaon, this getaway is something we all have been craving for. Not so far from Gurgaon but yet not anything like Gurgaon, the place is heaven for people looking for a chillax weekend. This event takes place on every alternate weekend and gives us a chance to rewind ourselves without driving hundreds of kms finding a hideout somewhere in the hills. These people want to create a cult of like minded travelers and expand these kind of getaways to every metropolitan city because they strongly feel that in the rut of our competitive and fast paced lives, we have forgotten to celebrate and spend time with ourselves. Forget about others, we have stopped being kind to ourselves. In this era, we need something to relax our mind and what else can be better than a secret getaway. I am saying secret because i don’t want anyone and everyone to know about this getaway because everyone is not the same.

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The icing on the cake is they provide you tents to stay, with greenery all around, the cozy and warm feel that you get is not less than being somewhere in the mountains. What else can you ask from a perfect weekend getaway near Delhi? Oh, i forgot to mention that there are no age restrictions, so if you are 50 and reading this don’t regret you can also join in. After all happiness is for everyone. Don’t sit back and think, just give this getaway a try and thank me later.

For more details you can visit their website here.

When:-  From last week of October to Last weekend of March


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