A Secret Place Designed in an Unexceptional Way: HushNest
Evening view of HushNest with bonfire

A Secret Place Designed in an Unexceptional Way: HushNest

Have you experienced the discomfort in Tents in the name of adventure? Are you one of those who want to take their families to a camping adventure but are reluctant due to lack of hygiene maintained by most of these camping sites?

HushNest is the solution to all these problems. Thoughtfully designed to give you a hassle-free experience. A place which gives you the feeling of a tent without hampering the comfort and luxury of a room. Imagine seeing out of your window into nothingness. Untouched natural surroundings, lush greenery, crisp Himalayan air, the chirping of birds, the sound of water gushing through a freshwater stream and snow-covered peaks in the distance.

HushNest is one of a kind and designed exclusively to rectify all the shortcomings that people face while staying in camps. When I first visited HushNest I was amazed as I have seen something like this only in movies. Amazing location and even more awesomely designed interiors. The perfect balance between raw nature and subtle luxury. Home-cooked local cuisine, courteous staff, private washrooms, hygiene, and fenced private land are all the things which make this stay a must.

Handcrafted Experiences:-

The icing on the cake is they curate some amazing local experiences like hot local flavored tea, live bar-be-que sessions and village walks with a personal guide at very nominal costs in this offbeat travel destination.

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The perfect balance between comfort and luxury

How to Reach

  • By Train:- Overnight Journey in the train from Delhi to Dehradun followed by a 3 hour Drive to Chakrata.
  • By Car:- Road Journey from Delhi to Chakrata (approx 320 km)
  • By Air:– The nearest Airport to HushNest is Dehradun, situated at a distance of 117 km approx.

Best Time to Visit

October to March.

How to Book

Please click here to book this place or read more about it.

However, if you can’t find space in HushNest, there’s another place near Chakrata that I would like you all to explore. I hope you would like it too.

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