Back to the Roots
Facade View of Escape Roots

Back to the Roots

In our fast pacing lives, we forget to cherish what we already possess. We are always hungry for more. In this time we need a tour back to the roots. We need to remind ourselves that we should be grateful for what we already have because most of the people on this Earth are deprived of the basic necessities of life. Moreover, technology has made us forget about real world problems by fancying everything. World on our phones just seems perfect.

I believe that we need some time with the Nature and only Nature so that we can understand life better. We can be grateful for whatever we have. We need to say bye to technology and say hi to our roots i.e. who we really are and what do we want to be which is lost in our rut to achieve more and looking for perfections all the time. We have to accept that imperfection is the only perfection in this world.

Earthy Bedroom of Escape Roots

I am talking about all these things because my last stay did take me to my roots. I was mesmerized by the view, location and Earthiness of the home. It is located in nothingness. The only voice you can hear is of birds chirping, trees waving or the voice of yourself. This stay is for all of you who are looking for technology detox or want to know the people who are very grateful for the little things in life. I didn’t expect and i still don’t believe that a simple Earthy house has changed so much in me. Escape roots is the name and believe me, the stay justifies its name completely.

How to Reach

  • Nearest Airport:– Pantnagar is the nearest Airport, which is situated around a 150 km distance.
  • By Road:- It takes approximately 8 hours from Delhi NCR to the property by road. The car parking is nearly 1.5 km away from the property.
  • By Train:- Nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is a 2.5 hours drive from the property.

Things to Do

  • Bird Watching Tour with the host.
  • Village Walks into the ultimate Nature.
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions in the morning.

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