5 offbeat places to cover this summer in Uttrakhand, instead of popular ones

Aren’t you tired of going and hearing about the same places again and again? Doesn’t the curiosity in you demands some different place?

Don’t you worry now because our team has explored these 5 places which are less explored and more fun and the icing on the cake this is all are within a 10-hour drive from Delhi NCR. So why not explore something different and new this weekend?

Chakrata Hill Station in Uttrakhand

Chakrata:- If you are tired of the jam and overcrowdedness Mussoorie almost always have, Chakrata is the perfect substitute for you. Much greener, less polluted and less crowded. The perfect getaway if you are looking for peace, beauty or some quality time with your loved ones. The surroundings are filled with a veritable treasure of plenty of conifers, red rhododendrons, and tall oak trees, interspersed with views of snow-capped Himalayas and patches of dazzling blue skies. Located just around 300 km from Delhi NCR, it’s a perfect weekend getaway for all those looking for a refresh or pause button in their lives. To read more about Chakrata click here.

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Campsite in Chakrata

How to Reach Chakrata:-

  • Nearest Airport:- Dehradun
  • Nearest Railway Station:- Dehradun and remaining distance by road.
  • Road:- From Delhi and Dehradun, reach Kalsi via Herbertpur and Vikasnagar, crossing the Yamuna into Kalsi village and then on to Chakrata via Sahiya. From Mussoorie, head to Kempty Falls (12 km) and then on to Yamuna Pul (17 km); 4 km later, turn right to Lakhwar and drive on to Naghat, 11 km away. Chakrata is 30 km from here. The climb to Chakrata from Yamuna Pul takes 1.5 hrs

Garli – A Historical epitome in Uttrakhand

Garli:- A village which is the epitome of Indian heritage and history. Apart from the beautiful and serene views of Dhauladhar Ranges, this village has a lot more to offer. Garli was a pioneering village in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Its founding fathers showed a classic example of township planning and foresightedness by building many facets of mini township ranging from educational, health, sanitation, commerce, etc. examples of all these can be seen today. A walk around Garli is like stepping back in time. Due to the strong influences of different cultures, you will see a variety of architectural gems-Colonial, Kangra, Rajput and even Portuguese in Garli. To read more about this amazing village click here.

View from Garli’s Premier Stay

How to Reach Garli:-

  • Nearest Airport:- Gaggal Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station:- Hoshiarpur in Punjab or Take a train to Una and cover the further distance by road.
  • Road:- Garli is 60kms from Dharamshala and buses ply frequently from Dharamshala to Garli and return.

Naukuchiatal – Lake of Nine Corners

Naukuchiatal:- Naukuchiatal or “lake of nine corners” is a place for those who seek calmness quietude beside nature’s shade. The whole village is surrounded by hills covered with trees and shrubs. Naukuchiatal is the deepest lake in the Nainital region with a depth of 40.3 m. Naukuchiatal started getting famous after the “Escape” festival that used to happen here every year but unfortunately stopped recently. It is one of the most quiet and beautiful places of Uttrakhand with a sight to be hold. To know more about Naukuchiatal click here. 

How to Reach Naukuchiatal:-

Get down at Kathgodam railway station and take a cab from there or take a bus to Nainital than a cab to Naukuchiatal.
Things to do:- Kayaking, paddling, water zorbing and lots of fun.
Best time to go:- March end to August
Places to visit:- Hanuman and Vaishno Devi Temple, Tea Garden.

Turkaura Village Heaven in Uttrakhand

Turkaura:- Sometimes inventions are accidental like Turkaura was for me, when i was roaming around Ranikhet. To my surprise, I could find nothing substantial about Turkaura on the internet, so I decided writing about it. It’s a very quiet and small village with close to 300 people living in it. The villagers gives huge importance to agriculture which was quite evident from the fact that nearly 90% of village’s working population is engaged in farming. Despite being quite a small village there are quite a no. of tourists visiting the village due to a number of well built and famous homestays here. To read and know more about this tiny village click here. 

How to Reach Turkaura:-

    • Nearest Airport:- Pantnagar is the nearest Airport, which is situated around a 100 km distance.
    • Nearest Railway Station:-Ranikhet.
    • By Road:- Take a bus to Ranikhet and then a taxi to Turkaura. Turkaura is accessible by road if you are traveling on your own vehicle.

Best time to visit:- October to March is the best time to visit.
Where to stay:- There are only a limited number of stays in Turkaura. I like the homestay where I stayed and you can also book the same here.

Binsar Home Stay – Back to the roots

Back to the roots:- I refer to this place as back to the roots because of its minimalist style. Often in our fast pacing lives, we forget to cherish what we already possess. We are always hungry for more. In this time we need a tour back to the roots and there is nothing better than this place. I was mesmerized by the view, location and Earthiness of the home. It is located in nothingness. The only voice you can hear is of birds chirping, trees waving or the voice of yourself. This tiny space is situated very close to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s called Escape Roots and believe me, the stay justifies its name completely. To know more about the space read this amazing blog 

family homestay india
                                                                       Facade View of Escape Roots

How to Reach in Binsar

  • Nearest Airport:– Pantnagar is the nearest Airport, which is situated around a 150 km distance.
  • By Road:- It takes approximately 8 hours from Delhi NCR to the property by road. The car parking is nearly 1.5 km away from the property.
  • By Train:- Nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is a 2.5 hours drive from the property.

Things to Do in Binsar

  • Bird Watching Tour with the host.
  • Village Walks into the ultimate Nature.
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions in the morning on a chargeable basis.

I am most of you are unaware that these places exist till now but now that you know please visit once and feel free to write back to me. Keep commenting and sharing the post if you would like to explore more unexplored places like these.

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