Narkanda-Shimla’s Better Half

Narkanda-Shimla’s Better Half

Situated just 60 km uphill from Shimla, Narkanda is indeed its better half. I believe every person living in Delhi NCR must have been to Shimla once or in fact more than once. For Chandigarhian’s its like second home. But Shimla’s better half has always been ignored, so it’s my duty to bring justice to Narkanda.
Narkanda is a small town in Shimla District. You are constantly treated to a bird’s-eye view of the different valleys as the road twists and turns from one spur to another on the way to Narkanda. Higher reaches, plentiful summer sunshine, snow capped mountain peaks or vibrant white winters in abundant apple orchards – all contribute to make Narkanda ‘the’ place to be. What gives Narkanda its awe-inspiring view of the snowy peaks is the fact that it is located on the ridge of the last watershed before the Himalayan range.
Apart from the breath taking views Narkanda is also famous for skiing. Narkanda attracts a considerable number of tourists around winters when the place is full of ice. Skiing was started in 1980’s since then HPTDC is conducting skiing courses every year. Narkanda is a very quiet and calm place. The absence of Shimla’s crowd and presence of serene views makes it a perfect destination for people looking for solitude. There is merely any vehicle on the road post dawn. All you can hear is wind hitting your face and the fresh air making you feel more alive than ever before.

How to Reach:-

    • Nearest Airport:- Shimla is the closest airport.
    • By road:- The fact that Narkanda is on the National Highway connecting Shimla to Kinnaur means that there is never a shortage of buses connecting one with Shimla. If you are travelling on your own vehicle just continue to drive on NH-22 to experience that awesome drive with spectacular views.

Best Time to Visit:- In the summer months, from April June, when the temperature ranges between 30°C and 10°C. If you are a snow lover and don’t mind getting a little chilly October to February is the best time. You can also opt for a skiing course during this time.

If you have already been to Narkanda, don’t you worry I have another option for you.

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