Say Good Bye to Manali
The perfect place to chill.

Say Good Bye to Manali

Manali has always been in the hype whenever it’s about going to the Himalayas. Not only families but also among the group of friends, Manali has always been in the talk. So much so that Manali has started deteriorating in recent years. There is a traffic jam and even roads are not in good shape whenever you are travelling to Manali. Excess of people has made staying in Manali expensive.

So i thought of finding a solution where i can be in touch with Manali without losing the actual essence of it. A place from where i can get access to the hippy cafes of Old Manali, get to roam around the beautiful mall road of Manali. In my research, i went to another side of Beas (Beas river flows through Manali) and found a beautiful village which looks like the countryside.

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The amazing cozy room


Away from the hustle bustle of Manali and situated only 5 km from Manali, the village is called Jagatsukh and it will literally give ‘Sukh’ to your eyes. The place is very less developed which makes it even more beautiful. You can have an undisturbed view of the great Himalayas covered with pine trees, from almost every homestay or guest house of the village.

The mall road or cafes in old Manali are just a 15-minute drive away. Despite being so close to Manali, this place is entirely different. Much better and more beautiful than Manali, this village will make you realize what impact can human have on a place. I never knew such a place existed and i bet most of you don’t know that too, so go watch Jagatsukh yourself.

How to Reach

  • Nearest Airport:- Bhuntar is the nearest Airport, which is situated around a 15 km distance.
  • By Road:- Take a bus to Manali then a taxi or local bus to Jagatsukh. It just takes 15-20 minutes from Manali to Jagatsukh. If you are travelling by car Jagatsukh is easier to reach than Manali.

Where to Stay

There are only a limited number of stays in Jagatsukh. I booked one of the homestays which was a cottage and it was one of my coziest stays ever. To know where i stayed click here.

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