Five Tips to Travel Light – For Your Next Trip

Five Tips to Travel Light – For Your Next Trip

On my last trip to somewhere near Manali, i watched my friend carrying his three suitcases and dragging them up and down almost daily because we were switching our stays almost daily. I could not stop laughing especially when he resorted to just throwing his bag downstairs. I would like to save all of you from this breakdown. Trip enjoyment is inversely proportionate to the amount of crap you bring with you.

Here are a few tips i would like you to follow to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without being tired of lifting your heavy luggage again and again.

BIT :- I practice BIT method of travel which means Buy It There. If you pack for every possible contingency like i better pack umbrella in case it trains, three different pair of shoe for different places etc. This ends up making you carry three suitcases just like my friend. Instead i prepare a reserve fund of INR 500- 2000 per trip, which i use to buy needed items once they are 100% needed.

Packing light will make you feel happy.

Never Buy if you can Borrow:- This is a very simple and smart thing to do yet most of us fail to do this. For example if you are going to a bird watching trip in Binsar, you don’t need to bring binoculars – someone else will have them.

Don’t Pack Toiletries :- In most of the stays – whether its a hotel, lodge or a homestay. Basic toiletries like soap, towel, shampoo are provided. Even when they are not, include them in BIT.

Make a list and stick to it :- Make a list before you start packing for your trip and while packing, ask yourself why are you taking it because when you go through your stuff while packing you might end up picking a lot of stuff you don’t need. Happens with me a lot.

Choose your stuff wisely:- Its not just a travel advice but also a life advice, always choose light and warm, soft and wrinkle free clothes. It will not only lessen your bag weight but also will make you look stylish.


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